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Oil on Canvas / Mea est Optio (Tonny Warrens / 2003)



OFFER! Oil on Canvas by the Belgian Artist Tonny Warrens*, titled "Mea est Optio" (This is my Choice) from 2003 / Certificate. Signature: on the back of the cloth. Condition: very neat! In blacklist. dim. incl. Frame (W x D x H) approx. 110 x 8 x 90 cm. We have several works by Warrens and many others. Asking price, bidding from €1,000 .

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TF Warrens* - He attended various academic courses from the age of fourteen without ever completing a single course and to this day he is very suspicious of any form of education. Nevertheless , Tonny Warrens received several honors and prizes at competitions until he realized that past successes are no guarantee for the quality of future work and competitions are mainly for horses . Tonny Warrens has been a full-time painter since 2000.

​Since 1973, Tonny Warrens has frequently exhibited at home and abroad (Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Germany, Monaco, Spain, Hungary, Japan) and was often an eye-catcher at prestigious art fairs (Holland Art Fair - The Hague, Ahoy – R' dam, Lineart - Ghent, Eccentric – Knokke, Kunst & Luxe – Enghin, Dortmund, Lyon, Marseille ...).

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Dimensions 110 × 8 × 90 cm