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Acrylic on Canvas / Hand over Hand – Maxi (Poen de Wijs / 2002)



OFFER! Acrylic on canvas by Dutch artist Poen de Wijs*: Hand over Hand (Maxi). Signature: bottom left. Very neat! dim. incl. black-gold frame (W x D x H) approx. 87 x 4 x 72 cm. We have more work by De Wijs and many others: view more ads. Appraisal value €7,500 (see Apresa report). Asking price, offer from €1,500 .

Verbum: mini, maxi, maxi-8, hand, handiness, hands, money, wise, painter, artist,
photo, realistic, photorealist, oil, acrylic, canvas, linen, acrylics, canvas, copper paint

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Poen de Wijs * ( 1948-2014) - Dutch painter. His style is characterized as realism. He studied at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague from 1966 to 1971. He lived and worked in The Hague. He was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau on 13 January 2013. Poen de Wijs' work has developed from abstract to realistic and the first realistic watercolors date from 1977. Since then he has built up an oeuvre of more than 800 works, initially in watercolor, then in oil and from 1999 in acrylic. He also made 30 editions in lithography (lithography). Poen de Wijs became known in the Netherlands with his first realistic watercolors, especially because they were used for record covers of the band Flairck. He definitely established his name with his exhibitions at the Steltman gallery in Amsterdam (from 1979 to 1989).

In a period (second half of the last century) when abstract, experimental painting was at its peak, the reactions to his work turned out to be widely divergent. At that time there were not many galleries that showed realistic work and supporters and opponents wrote very differently. From 1990 his exhibitions were organized by gallery De Twee Pauwen in The Hague and gallery Bonnard in Nuenen. Internationally, there were exhibitions and presentations in Indonesia, Germany (Frankfurt and Jade), Switzerland (Interlaken and Basel), Kenya (Nairobi), USA (Chicago and New York), Austria (Innsbruck) and Spain (Madrid). Poen de Wijs painted a lot thematically: his love for classical music was expressed in the theme Alma Musica (1993). In A Kenyan Holiday (1995) and The Clothes of the Geisha (2000) his love for travel and other cultures were integrated into his work. The theater as a theme is visible in Prima Vista, Mini and Maxi in portrait (2002) and Moments (2011). Another theme that keeps recurring in the work of Poen de Wijs is children from various cultures: Kinderspel (2011).

Poen de Wijs never limited himself to one and the same painting technique or was afraid to experiment in it, on the contrary, he constantly experimented and discovered new techniques, possibilities and applications. He has studied and practiced old painting techniques to integrate them into the new possibilities. His realistic style has evolved due to the changes in the use of painting materials. In 1999 Poen de Wijs stopped working with oil and switched to acrylic. A new development in his work is the use of metallic paints in acrylic. He applies layers of gold, silver or copper paint over part of the underpainting. A viewer sees two completely different representations, depending on the angle from which the artwork is viewed. This metallic effect gives an almost three-dimensional effect.

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Dimensions 87 × 4 × 72 cm