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Acrylic on Canvas / Stand-Up (Antonetta Eilers / 2006)



DISCOUNTED! Acrylic on canvas by Antonetta Eilers, titled 'Stand-Up' (2006). Predominantly Red and Blue. Signature: bottom right. Condition: very neat! dim. Frame (W x H x D) approx. 100 x 4 x 100 cm. We have more Art, but also (antique) Furniture, Clocks, etc.: view more ads. Purchase/appraisal value €3,500. Asking price, bid from €400.

Location: Delft. Shipping/delivery within the Netherlands can often be very cheap! Elsewhere in the world is also possible, ask for the possibilities without obligation.

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Antoinetta Eilers* (1963) wanted to be an artist from an early age, but was not exactly the path she followed. She develops in the direction of screen printer and worked in design and as a graphic designer. However, the desire to become an autonomous artist continued to itch. Antonetta's life as an independent artist was cashed in when an interior design store approached her to create art for them to sell along with their furniture.

Antonetta likes to experiment with materials. Now she works with oil paint or acrylic paint on a copper plate, after which she works with chemicals to give the plates a special patina. The many faces of man form the starting point for this series. In this, man is not presented at its most beautiful, but rather at its purest. Patinating in different layers enhances the expression of the person portrayed. The use of materials again creates a playful unpredictability and a layering that suits the portrayed person.

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Dimensions 100 × 4 × 100 cm