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(Int.) Sales Art & Antiques

  • Strong focus on online (international) sales
  • Huge reach / target audience = pot. efficient sales
  • Via gallery or auction, commissions up to 40-50% 🙁 
  • So .. Umecom: you the revenue, we the brokerage
  • No cure, no pay: no sale, no costs!
  • Open calculation: 100% insight into revenue/costs

Umecom as a broker for your Art & Antiques, for a large (international) reach

Our most important service within Kunst-Makelaar.nl : the efficient, international sale of your Art & Antiques, via various offline and especially online sales channels, to relations and registered seekers, using the Umecom method:

We work as a broker: You receive the proceeds, we pay the commission and (unless otherwise agreed) no-cure, no-pay: no sale, no costs*. Settlement always with a 100% open calculation: full insight into the revenue and costs.

Our method: 5 simple steps, pragmatic and transparent

If your interest has been aroused, start now (without obligation) with the first contact .

▼Details Step 1

We will contact you to exchange some questions: you may want to know more about our working method and we would like to hear which documents are involved, for a first, rough estimate / guideline.

If this estimate/guideline is to your liking, we can go to Step 2 (inventory in more detail)

▲No details

 Case inventory / assessment for a more detailed overview

▼Details Step 2

From Step 1, we know whether we have to make an inventory at your location, or whether we can suffice with some photos and/or your information. Then follows a more detailed overview of the (expected) yield, costs and your profit distribution.

If the overview gives you reason to start, we go to Step 3 (registration and assignment)

▲No details

 If approved, we will start: you register and give the order

▼Details Step 3

To commission us, you can visit the (external) main site Sign Up (if not done before) or login . We take care – in consultation – for the transport and storage of your items.

After your order, we will start (Step 4), with only one goal: the best sale!

▲No details

 Processing of your documents, sell online and offline, to relations and seekers

▼Details Step 4

Once your pieces are with us, they are professionally photographed. We then ensure placement on 12-13 online sales channels, with good photos, thoughtful texts and smart keywords. We'll take care of the rest!

After we've worked hard on your sale, here's what we're doing it for: Step 5 (Checkout)

▲No details

 After the sales term or as soon as your pieces have been sold, specification and payment follow.

▼Details Step 5

The proceeds are distributed according to the graduated scale/rates below. You will receive a specification and the amount (minus costs*) will be transferred to you within 7 days. No cure, no pay: no sale, no costs (for you).

Revenue per ad/transaction For you* For us
1.000 – 5.000 80% 20%
5.000 – 10.000 90% 10%
10.000 – 25.000 95% 5%
more rates   v3.06

 * Minus any costs: transport (if collected), internal costs (to be determined, see page rates ), labor (cleaning, repair, etc.) EUR 55.00/hour and/or any external costs (advertising sites, auction costs, etc. ). Amounts excluding VAT.

NO-RISC! = all costs are paid from the proceeds/concern Umecom risk.
You NEVER have to pay (in advance)! (transport and storage costs are reserved for orders for (partial) clearance and art collections: these will be invoiced separately)

▲No details

Interested, more information or the first step?
Record (general) contact on or off (no strings attached) Step 1 :